Friday, May 20, 2011

Wince - Vasovagal Syncope

Wince - Vasovagal Syncope 

Wince is an American Harsh Noise project from the man behind the label White Centipede Noise, who has been interviewed for this blog before. Currently, in my opinion, Wince is one of the best projects to come from both the Harsh Noise scene and America. Wince, who on earlier material had more of a "Wall" sound going on, definitely mines this genre for all the emotional frustration and power it is worth using everything at his disposal to make surprisingly simple, yet long and monumental, passage ways of noise.

Side A begins with a spoken sample of how one should go about checking a male anus for lesions and other fun problems. Beneath the sneer consultation is a wave of long static pieces with rippling feedback interludes until the talking is completely drowned out in the fluttering rumbles. Within minutes the track slowly lets in more sputtering feedback and buried pieces of junk/metal play effected to hell and bent back and forth with stealth pedal work. Vocals never show up in this track, or any Wince track I have heard to date which is good in this specific context; it would simply break the spell. This track has an easy quality about it - a fluid and steady atmosphere from a genre of music that customarily rips and tears apart at any turf it finds room and board at. One could easily just zone out within its terrible beauty.

The first thing that hits me about Side B is the accelerated feel in the movements of Noise. It is enough to give you an anxiety attack. A firm wall of wailing, sharp hissing static forms very quickly at the onset and continues in ferocious sweeps that keep everything in motion through-out the entirety of the track. The very first time I heard this track I thought that there was a good possibility that he was manipulating a tape loop to sound faster than it was. I'm sure this isn't the case now but it gives one a good idea of what to expect. Admittedly it takes awhile to differentiate all of what is happening here. You can hear the feedback and wash of static easily but it takes more listens to hear all the truncated sounds developing below, instead of one big blanket of biting Noise. 

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