Saturday, April 23, 2011

Male Compliment - Male Compliments

Male Compliment - Male Compliments

Male Compliments succeeds at suggesting, at hinting, by use of a strong and rigid set of nuances found in a certain style of Power Electronics that is a are commodity in the current era of the scene. A thought process that can be coherently followed from one track to another even in the dirtiest clamor of an increasingly busy conversation. Every aggressive birthmark is sliced open with the dullest end of a sonic shank dug furiously into your ear. This is far more dirty than anything you will ever shove into your own mouth. 

A swirling note immediately puddles up around angry shouting muddled by effects which bestows a hazy, popper fueled orgy of sounds that push through and immediately cut up the disembodied static drones that once laid the scenery. The second track definitely evokes memories of Bastard Noise and the modern worship of units like Disgust and Constrictions who both carved their own names into that specific sound. A towering and surging bass throb crackles and stammers through a devolving lyrical pattern and a roaring hiss escaping it all like some noxious gas from pounding cylinders and leaky vents. This gives way to one of the best tracks on the cassette, "Cruising". I could listen to this one all day. It's greatness lies in its straight forward undiluted power - full-strength without any shading. The feedback is an obvious stand-out but the shuffling and instrumental processing gives it a disturbing undercurrent, implying that something frightening might be hiding just below the surface. This isn't "cruising", it is stalking. The track that follows is simply a gateway into the finale, any movement besides the vocals is minimal thus forming a quick break in the violent and incautious exercise in texturing that has taken the listener this far. The final track is 15 minutes of undying, boundless fury which positions itself within a threatening environment, a return to its home. Like any good Power Electronics album its hammer-driven sounds and gripping vocals, while neurotic and rough, are merely a habitat built to house the perversion of a very simple human emotion. Exactly which emotion that is is what you will need to find out for yourself.

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