Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coprolaliac Press Interview

[PURESTENCH : When did Coprolaliac Press begin and what inspired you to create it? ] 

Coprolaliac Press started when I lived in LA, about 2006. I self-published fragments of Angry Old Hank as kind of a serial novella. Angry Old Hank, a story about a misogynist serial killer, existed in one incarnation or another since 2000. I suppose it was the first work I started for what would become Coprolaliac Press. I created Coprolaliac Press to publish Angry Old Hank and later I got the idea to begin the FORCIBLE series of zines. I wanted to create a press to bring together all those who have similar tastes as mine, which are a passion for true crime, transgressive literature and extreme tastes.

[PURESTENCH : The main outlet of Coprolaliac Press is the zine
Forcible. The disclaimer on each issues cover warns readers that the material inside is "Disturbing and Violent Sexual Content. Mature Audiences Only." If one has read the zine they need no introduction to as why this warning exhists. Why did you pick the material you choose to write about and were there any reluctance or doubts as to whether or not it would be accepted at all, even within so called "transgressive circles"? ]

Yes, I had my doubts about the subject matter of my work, but try to quickly get past that. I picked the material, which often relates themes of child exploitation, rape, murder and other violent sexual themes because I wanted to expose the under side of what the news stories portray. So, in FORICBLE, you have your news clippings about various violent sexual themes, and then you have the fiction, which explores what I feel is left out of the news stories, all of the nitty-gritty, sticky, bloody or violent details. I feel these details need to be expressed for those who are interested in true crime, to add a sort of release from what has been built up in the news stories, to peel away the soft, safe confines of “journalism” and transport you directly to the crime itself.

[PURESTENCH : Sotos is an obvious influence, as is Goad. Who else do you take your influences from? ]

Definitely, the master, Marquis de Sade is a major influence. When I first read 120 Days Of Sodom, I was blown away. I also feel that the transgressive writer Pierre Guyotat has been an influence in my work, most notably Eden, Eden, Eden, as well as the obscure writer Jesus Ignacio Aldapuerta, who wrote the brilliant set of stories known as The Eyes.

[PURESTENCH : Have you been in contact with either of the authors mentioned in the last questions? If so, what were some main ideas/points you took from it, if any? ]

No, I have never spoken with Sotos or Goad, but I hope to one day be on contact with them.

[PURESTENCH : I recently received your "Writing of GG Allin: Murder in Society" zine, which was released under the Coprolaliac Press moniker as well. Why did you decide to publish these written works? Has GG Allin been a large influence in your writing and life in general? ]

I came into a large cache of underground zines while in LA and among them was the little gem “Murder In Society”. It is a great little read and definitely fell within the range of what
Coprolaliac Press stands for, which is the freedom to publish and distribute works that maintain a darker, more violent underbelly of society. GG Allin has been somewhat of a minor influence, but an important one, especially highlighting his obscene acts on stage and the freedom to do so, no matter how extreme.

[PURESTENCH : All of the fiction found in the Forcible zines as well as your books all has a similar arrangement, or method, which may be a better word. Everything is delivered quickly with no filler, short sentences and a direct story. Why is this? Have you ever considered writing non-fiction or possibly doing a lengthier work? ]

I want to bludgeon my audience with the details of certain crimes. I want to rip off the bandage from the wound and show the audience the brutal, uncompromising truth of various violent and taboo crimes. My “prose” is intended to show an image of what is happening and sear it into the brain, into the consciousness, without any safety nets. This sort of freefall into such disturbing material is what Coprolaliac Press is about. I have written five novellas over the years, all ranging from about 90 to 120 pages. I wish to have them published someday, but I tend to have this drive to further refine the language of the works I have written, refine it down into even more concise material.

[PURESTENCH : Do you have any writing "rituals"? When do you find yourself most creative? Anything in particular where you consistenly find inspiration? ]

No, I really don’t have any set rituals, but I tend to write better at night. I find inspiration from other authors, artists and underground magazines such as Malefact, Answer Me!, Murder Can Be Fun, Timeless and, of course, I have a predilection and get inspiration from these old, vintage pornography rags that I have.

[PURESTENCH : What type of music do you listen to? The Noise and Power Electronics scenes have obviously taking quite a liking to your material, as would be expected. Do you listen to these types of genres? ]

Yes, I enjoy power electronics. Currently, I am on a Whitehouse kick. I think they are an amazing group. Philip Best is an amazing vocalist. All other groups I have come across come second to Whitehouse, in my opinion.

[PURESTENCH : Why did you include the press articals in Forcible? Some may say it is filler, I personally think that they fit well with each issue in some way or another, and were a good choice to add. ]

As I mentioned before, the taste for the extreme resides on what is first on the surface. The tip of the iceberg is the news stories, which only hint at the truth of the actual crimes. It is important to examine the news stories in order to whet your appetite for what’s to come, which are the fictional pieces in FORCIBLE. Examination of the news clippings are essential to understanding the deeper motivations of the fictional accounts of the crimes. I do not believe they are filler, although I intend to publish a collected works of just the fictional crime stories in the near future.

[PURESTENCH : If there were 3 people, dead or alive it doesn't matter, that you can sit around and talk with, do things with, or just have a drink or two with, who would those people be? ]

That’s a good, but tough question. Right off the bat I think of serial killers I’d like to meet (despite the danger in meeting them for obvious reasons). I guess I would like to meet Peter Kurten. I would also like to meet The Marquis de Sade, as well as Peter Sotos, of course.

[PURESTENCH : What is some advice you would give someone who wants to start their own Zine or write their own books? ]

I know this sounds kind of silly, but do not give up, no matter what your circumstances. In the past, I have suffered difficulties; Coprolaliac Press has suffered from my mental illness (schizophrenia) and I left people hanging, whether it was waiting for the next issue of FORICBLE or whatever. Despite my trouble, even when I am frequently in the hospital, I keep the spark going inside me, and when I get out of the hospital, or when I experience a moment of clarity, I try to jump on the chance to create and get back to people that have shown interest in my work.

[PURESTENCH : What do you have planned for the future of Coprolaliac Press? Anything fans will be seeing in the near future? ]

I am now trying to collect resources to try to publish a book of stories from FORCIBLE and other, newer works I have been laboring over.

[PURESTENCH : Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Any final thoughts or comments? ]

Only that I would love if readers of FORCIBLE and other works I have put out would contact me to share in the tastes that we all have. I have only received communications from a few people over the years, but I know there is a bigger audience out there that has something to say or to share. Also, I want people to know that FORCIBLE is not just a method to get my own work out there, but I would love to someday have guest writers and artists contribute to FORICBLE as well.


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