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Interview - Silent Abuse

Interview - Silent Abuse

PURESTENCH: [What is the inspiration behind Silent Abuse and what goals are you trying to accomplish? What has the response been like so far?]

Oh well my personal sadism,urge to hurt, interest towards inner human psyche, dark side of brain, hmm others(slaves) reaction to pain/ humiliation I create etc.

My first contact w/ Noise/PE whatever.. was when I "joined" to BIZARRE UPROAR 2005. so obviously that background has influence on my doings w/ SILENT A
BUSE. SA is my baby bastard, my own unit. not really any specific goals. I am going to do recording sessions when I feel like it. i got some things in my head that need be done. Cant say much about response as I do not follow "scene" at all. Some reviews has been forwarded to me.. I guess response has been good.

PURESTENCH: [In a perfect world, if you were able to do whatever you wanted, how would you go about creating the sounds and aesthetic of Silent Abuse? Are you completely happy with what you sound like currently?]

I am living in perfect world to me . Like last recording session was pretty much based me abusing shemale/transexual slave. PERFECT! isnt it? Sound of whip on a fat arse of cunt/cock slave. Sound of sadism. Beautiful!

PURESTENCH: [How long have you been a participating member of Bizarre Uproar?]

Since 2005

PURESTENCH: [What was your approach to sound like with Bizarre Uproar and how has it grown? What have you taken from the experiences with Bizarre Uproar and put into Silent Abuse, or do you want this project to be completely detached and seperate from your work with BU?]

I came to BU member first w/ ideas/art side- then expanded to do some vocals, some minor noise things, and perfomance/actions. SA is completely different thing from BU. but of course my backround in BU affects of my doings today. I am no longer member of BU. I might be there as a part of some live performance/action in future, maybe.

The recording sessions I have done so far have been "audio stories" small rituals/performances that has been recorded. one w/ baby ... one w/she-male mentioned earlier. I havent done that much yet. So if you ask me today thats the formula of SILENT ABUSE now. In future it might change. who knows.. :) like past 2-3 weeks I havent use toilet paper almost not at all.. I have used someones head/mouth/tongue to clean upp my butt/vagina. Now I am getting used to that , kind of bored , Going to do something else. same thing w/ silent abuse. its not in a static position- Its on a move.

PURESTENCH: [As most people know by now you do some work as a Dominatrix in Finalnd. I assume (and have seen thanks to BU videos) that you have done this on a personal level before working as one. What is it like being a Dominatrix? Does the fact that money is being exchanged alter the process at all?]

Yes its been a lifestyle for 10 years or so on a personal level. only recently (last 6 months) I have started to do it as a part time job. So I do not have that much experience on that side, but it expands your doings as a sadist, more opportunities to fulfill my urge. I choose my customers. I do only things that I really enjoy. That means I enjoy and customer enjoy , so he/she will come back again.. win/win situation. Money doesn't change the things really.. If you mean the session. As when freetime out of job circles I do exactly the same w/my personal puppie(s)...

PURESTENCH: [Back to Silent Abuse... What is your method for recording? Is the material formulated prior to recording, in your head or on paper, is it spontaneous or do you mix the two techniques?]

Like said, foundation has been so far some ritual/performance that has been recorded then I have added some vocals/noises into that backbone. I plan everything in my head before.. 4-track tape recorder. I use outside producer/recording assistant when in "studio".

[Sample of new, unmastered Silent Abuse 7'' track "Epäsikiö Lyhyt":]

PURESTENCH: [Where do you draw your influences from?]

see first answer.

PURESTENCH: [How did the relationship between you and ANTIchildLEAGUE form? Were you happy with the outcome of your split together and can we expect more from this union in the future?]

I met her at BU gig London 2007 or was it 2008.. we came a long very well. co-operation came out pretty much easily/spontaneously. I really do appreciate AcL attitude, that "dark" feeling in her music/noise, and Gaya`s voice is something!! I sent some vocals+noises to her.. and she put them to mix. who knows perhaps something in the future more. not any plans right now.

PURESTENCH: [Who else would you like to do a split with?]

Co-operation must evolve from personal friendship/samekind of approach to doings to be good IMO. well I do not have anything in my mind...

PURESTENCH: [You have a fairly unique, particular sound to your material. What sort of set-up are you using? Have you ever used a computer to create or record your material?]

Allready answered some parts. very minimal simple set up. core of things have been live recording of some ritual/performance/session then I have added vocals, noises(junk/small fm radio connected to big bass) guitar abuse etc. raw and simple 4-track tape. no computers. I hate computers.

PURESTENCH: [Finland has definitely gave birth to a good number of amazing Power Electronics and Noise artists. Why do you think this is? Does your environment play a part when it comes to your sound?]

hard to say. perhaps just coincidence? Some active people , that has spread the interest .. heh I do not know about the environments effect. Finland is bleak and harsh place. that can be part of reason.

PURESTENCH: [What can we expect from Silent Abuse in the future?]

....I will be performing live Oct. first in London (SUTCLIFFE JUGEND s warp up) I wont be on stage alone. need a helping hand, perhaps someday I wont need. Would be nice to do live just by myself. Not any specific plans I do recording sessions when I feel like

PURESTENCH: [Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Anything else you would like to add before we wrap it up?]

yeah I got one thing: KNEEL AND OBEY!

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  1. Good interview, Ryan. i wasn't too familiar with SA as a solo act much. Going to do some research now.