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Interview - Body Cargo


[0] The first question has to be the most obvious; why the name change? It seemed as though "Cold Womb of The Grave" was already heading in the same direction as Body Cargo, the splits you did with the Denmark crowd sound more like Body Cargo as well. What are the differences in the sounds between each group? Is there a similar substructure or method when it comes to all BC material?

Hello Ryan, first of all, thanks f
or the chance to appear on Pure Stench! These questions I get all the time and never answer them clearly...maybe it‘s the right time. As for the CG it was my first serious approach to the scene and in the same time it was the unit of research and experiments, so in this matter it was quite normal that CG has became not what I want to hear or see after a period of time. The last tape by CG was for sure the BC already, it was what I want to hear, I was really comfortable with the old name, but the meaning of the name, the main ideas that standed behind, was not suitable for the sound and feelings that where starting to influence my new creations. At the time, it was summer of 2010, I felt the urgent need to change the name, to create new concept for my sounds, and at the same time we started to communicate with Lash from Autarkeia. As we where talking and talking we found out that we have some common interests and ideas so it would be unfair to say that BC concept was only pure creation of myself, it was synthesis of out discusions and ideas that I accepted and was interested in highest level, that was the thing that I was searching for so long. Talking more about differences between Clo Goelach and Body Cargo – CG was the sound of anger, power and filth, as I could say power electronics at its basic matter. Body Cargo is the droning sound of fear and glimpsing eyes in the darkness, the sound of need of flesh and dripping blood, but not in so straight way as I was doing with CG. More accurate and constructed way.

[1] What exactly is the motive behind Body Cargo and what themes and subject matter does it center itself around?

I think answer to this is simple and it‘s write in main BC website. But of course there is always development and progress, new ideas comes to my head all the time non stop. But the main themes of BC are fear, careless mutilation of human beings, magick, voodoo in some matters. My aim is dirty lo-fi noise, droning and so on; to reflect these ideas, these feelings in delicate way of sound structures.
The "Konkrete“ tape was very good example of not putting myself in strict concept, at least for myself.

[2] The last 2 releases by Body Cargo were great, how did you come about hooking up with Waterpower and Obscurex? Was there a certain reason you didn't release them on Autarkeia like all your previous BC pieces?

I‘m glad you liked the
m! Oh, my memory is not that good, but as always it came in flow of communication that is near me as I try to have as wide as possible trade web. I like those 2 labels very much, both guys are very communicative and has a great taste for music. There are no particular reasons, I mean negative reasons, I have not submited those peaces to Autarkeia. I just always feel the need to contact with labels I like and of course release my material there if it‘s possible. Other fact is that Autarkeia did huge work with BC – 3 tapes and as with the last update I can tell you that 2, personally most waited, vinyl releases are going to the pressing plant in very very very near future, or maybe already went? Who knows.

[3] How important are your lyrics? With the first few Clo releases they seemed to be the most important factor, compar
ative to the high in the mix vocals of American units Slogun and later Deathpile. But it seems like you now deliver the lyrics with a different style. Why is that?

I think it‘s because
lyrical approach was more important for the CG then the sound itself. BC is different – it‘s atmospheric and vocal parts works more like another instrument for the whole structure. But there will be more clear vocals with exact clear texts in future, in the place they need to be.

[4] Do you have other creative outlets besides your music? Suck as drawing or writing, painting, etc?

I would say no, except of working with some collages for the artworks of my sound works, some fliers and ads. I don‘t do any visual arts, I would say my imaginary factor is to chaotic and abstract to work with my hands and visions and here comes the sound, something that does not have anything to do with material world, the flow of sound that goes through me and reflects sickening entity.
Of course I sometimes I like to do some kind of abstract artefacts, instruments, junk that I can‘t or more likely don‘t want to talk about.

[5] Is there much editing and revision going on when you record or is it mostly done in j
ust a few takes, like a rehearsal style cassette? It takes a lot of time. I record, re-record, re-listen, re-make re-cut a lot of times until I reach the result. A lot of times I use computer to make final mastering and layering, because of lack of equipment I have. But mainly I record separate chapter to 4-track tape recorder or 4-track reel-to-reel recorder, mix them in analog way, rip to pc, then make final steps, but the main thing is to stick with lo-fi aesthetics. Sometimes when tracks are more simple, less layered I rip whole track from analog to pc and avoid pc mastering or editing. But all in all every session takes a huge amount of time and energy.

[6] Most of t
he tracks I have heard from you builds up to something, they never start out violent or messy. Most feel like "chapters" or smaller phases growing and merging with one another, usually pretty slowly. Do things just develop organically for you or do you have to trifle with the sounds?

I would call it the mostly organic way I can imagine indeed. I like long tracks, but mostly every time I need to over think everything so long recording sessions don‘t work out, but as you said there is a merging feeling and this is it, theese are separate parts of the same ideological and sound flow. Ritual koma as I would call it.
Mostly every sound I re
cord – field recordings, cut ups, drones – I would find the way to use them, I think it‘s the same organical feeling, I just always change the sound or just find the place for it.

[7]What is in the works for the upcoming year?

For now BC is on the holidays. As I mentioned before 2 vinyl releases are upcoming on Autarkeia very soon, another 7“ release is going to show up on Trash Ritual this year too. And very thrilling thing is pro CD split/collaboration with one killer project. Some updates will reach the web very soon I think.
But have in mind that CG‘s aggression haven‘t vanished in nothingness, particular processes are developing all the time and something can violently rush out...who knows.

[8] I appreciate you taking the time to do his interview. Last words?

It was a pleasure, thanks for the possibility again.
Start to pray for your God, when glimpsing eyes
will track you in dark woods.

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