Sunday, October 3, 2010

Interview 03 - S.T.A.B. Electronics.



[Q] I see that STAB started out some time ago, I remember listening to tracks on Myspace a year or two ago and thinking that this had promise. How long have you been practicing under the name S.T.A.B.?

S.T.A.B'S inception started just after the death of Marco Corbelli! Initially I just wanted to do a one of project as a tribute to him as I had much correspondence with him! Before that I had a project called Einheit 731 which was more dark ambient using evps and such! with the positive comments i got i decided to keep the name S.T.A.B and go on from their!

[Q] When you released your first cassette on F&V there was a notable change in sound from your earlier material. How would you now describe your style as compared to your older sounds?

Both cassettes from Filth and Violence: "Born for Righteous Abuse" and "Temple of Self-Disgust".

Indeed change of sound came about due to a learning curve! Not being happy with sound or gear I was using I'm contantly striving for new gear to make a more nasty sound! I'd say now more violent power electronics.

[Q] Your layering is really well done. The vocals and "instruments" on tracks such as "Stupid Public Persona" progress and sweep perfectly together. Did you edit the tapes yourself?

Well I work with building blocks layering one sound on the other and another. As for editing I just sent the master on to Passi as I'd given him 79 minutes of material so he suggested two tapes! Also it needed a dirtier feeling so it got further fucked up by the masterful hands of SHIFT!

[Q] Do you believe that Power Electronics is the best way for you, personally, to express your
ideas and opinions?

Oh yes indeed as I said i used to do dark ambient and was never satisfied with the results! P.E Gives me a perfect platform to vent myself on the world!

[Q] Do you think that the aesthetics, and ideas should influence the music or the music should influence the ideas? And how do you go about writing your material?

Hmmm I'd say a bit of both! One can be influenced from all around us so I'd say both! As for my writing sometimes I will hear a specific line in a film or read a book thats sets the seed Sometimes i will write a lyric or sometimes I will get a nice dirty sound from my synths that then sets the ball rolling!

[Q] Do you think that the cassette format is the best way to release your material?

Personally I love the cassette medium so yeah but i wouldn't refuse an offer of vinyl or cd!

[Q] Personally when I first heard the first release you did for F&V I thought "This s like Taint if he did a collaboration with Sutcliffe Jugend". What artists do you take most influence from, past of present?

Thats an interesting comparison;) Artists i admire and continue to do so Early S.P.K has had a great influence on me as did early Whitehouse albums like total sex and new britain are BRUTAL pieces of work! Genocide Organ and Anenzephalia are also a big influence Also Con Dom whom i was lucky to support a couple of years ago! There are lots others Death squad, Grunt, Of course Bizzare Uproar also SHIFT Sutcliffe jugend and american acts Like Taint and Slogun NTT The vomit arsonist I like a LOT and theres artists Like Anti cHILd league(Gaya is nasty live) Also Iron fist of the sun is great I could go on!

[Q] What books, if any, are you currently reading and has any literature had an impact on the STAB aesthetic?

I'm currently re reading the 120 days of sodom which has
a BIG impact on me. Yeah the sexuality is funny but the total anti Religious sentiment in that book is great! I also read a lot on mental illness and war crimes you know nice romantic literature LOL!

[Q] Future planes for STAB?

I'm currently recording my next one "baptised in Brown water" just completed a track called bug chaser! The next S.T.A.B stuff will even be filthier and nastier!

[Q] Thank you for doing this interview, I really appreciate it. If there is anything you would like to say than this spot is all yours.

You are very welcome thanks for giving me the opportunity! A big Shout out to Passi for the opportunity And Martin for further mixing!

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