Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interview 01 - KOUFAR

Interview 01: "KOUFAR"

[Q] What first attracted you to Noise and Power Electronics?

"What first got me interested in noise would have to be Vomir's "No Entertainment" CDr and The Rita's "Thousands of Dead Gods". I found them both to be completely devestating. I had never heard anything so intense and merciless, so I couldn't helped but be hooked. As for Power Electronics I give my credit to Brethren and Bastard Noise for turning me on to the genre."

[Q]What ideas are you attempting to convey with each Koufar release?

"The ideas that I'm trying to piece together is simple. Bring Lebanon to its former days and to have my people running the country again (fully), with no outside influences. Lastly to destroy the Islamic infestation that has aided in crumbling the country."

[Q]What is a "Maronite" and what is their general belief system?

"The Maronite belief system is based in Catholicism. Technically my people are the last group who have the closest ties to Jesus Christ within the area. My people have thrived in a sea of crescents."

[Q]What was the reason for releasing material under the Insurgent moniker instead of releasing it as Koufar?

"Insurgent is more of an anti-thesis to Bachir Gemayel. The exact opposite values, ideologies, and sound."

"Sacrificial Lamb" - Koufar live in Minneapolis.

[Q]Your new CD is titled "The Purity of the Cedars". Are the Cedars a group of people or are you specifically talking about the Cedar Tree which is also the symbol found on the Lebanese flag?

"It is about the Cedar tree's. There was a militia group (now a "politcal party") known as the Guardians of the Cedars, but this album is not about them in particular."

[Q]Have you had any trouble, especially in the United States, with booking shows or releasing material due to your aesthetics, opinion, art, etc even if certain people don't understand what the content is about?

"Well there was an issue with Small Doses. Not that Joe was being wrong, but he was just fearful that he would come under speculations selling "Haiawan" with the original artwork. Also while putting together the tour we did on the east coast in May, we got denied a show due to me having a political agenda. No hard feelings to anyone really. At the end of the day I know I'm probably the only person who gives a shit, so fuck it. I have to deal with the consequences."

[Q]How does your family and friends feel about your music??

"My friends support me completely. No problems there. However my family doesn't understand it or I keep it from them. My father though has taken some interest in Koufar as he can actually understand the background and basis of it."

[Q]How often do you play live shows and what can someone expect from a Koufar performance?

"I play live fairly often and when I can, not so much with Koufar as its going to go into hibernation. As for a Koufar performance you can expect me to deliver one of the most "honest" ( Calling R.S. Sezure....) performances you will see. This is all I'll ever fucking have."

[Q]How would you explain your music to someone who has never heard it, nor the genre, before?

"Well, if its Koufar I say: "Its me making awful noises and me screaming about shit that only I care about."
If its Disgust I say: "Its me making awful noises and me screaming about how upset I am."
If its Bachir I say: "You ever go to a tv channel that's all static, well thats it x10."
If its Insurgent I say : "You ever listen to bacon sizzle on the grill? Pretty much."

[Q]Tell me about Disgust. Is it a one-time collaboration," Time Ruins Everything" or are there any future plans? ow did Disgust come into being and are you happy with what it produced?

"Disgust is not a one time collaboration. It is currently my main project. There are many future happenings such as a 7" on Narcolepsia, a full length CS on Danvers State, and two 4 way splits on Phage, plus more. Disgust came into play when I wanted to express my anger and frustration in a more open way. Also I wanted to incorporate powerviolence themes as well too. I am very happy with what Disgust has done so far, and am excited about the future."

[Q]Is there a message conveyed by Disgust? If so what type of subject matter and conent does Disgust deal with?

"There is no message conveyed but disgust. It's pure contempt on all levels dealing with all situations that may anger someone."

[Q]Who are some artists that had the most influence on you, and if it was possible to do a collaboration with any artist whether active or not who would you want that to be?

-The Rita
-Man is the Bastard
-Bastard Noise
-Richard Ramirez (and many of his projects)

Currently I have had the honor with working with Richard Ramierz, and am in the works with doing a Bachir Gemayel/Vomir collaboration. I would love to do anything with Eric Wood and thee skull. I've always wanted to work with Brethren and do a split but something tells me he would not be very keen on doing so.....HA!"

[Q]Thanks for answering the questions. This last spot is for you to say whatever you want:

"Thank you Ryan for the questions. I greatly appreciate it.

Be on the look out for the Disgust Canadian tour in 2010! REAL TALK.

W.K.F.E.W. Records coming soon."

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