Monday, October 22, 2012

Sexfactor (Bagman & Dark Session Collab.) - Sexfactor

Sexfactor (Bagman + Dark Session) - Sexfactor

The sleaze is ripe on this one. Both units who contributed to this tape, Bagman and Dark Session respectively, are a bit different on their own. I have never been a big fan of Bagman, and I have only heard small pieces of Dark Sessions, although from I heard I definitely noticed potential. Together these guys dismantle their own styles completely and seemingly unite as one sleazy, foul plague. And it flat-out fucking works. The ideas these 2 artists work with, the material they want out of their head and on to tape, the subject matter and content, isn't ambiguous, in fact it is very explicit and clear cut. The Noise and, specifically, the Power Electronics scene has tread these waters before, no doubt, but there is something special about this pairing that makes this tape stick out from all the other artists and units that do, or attempt to do, the same style.

A good amount of this tape is set upon a porno backdrop, in the style of Clinic of Torture and the Bizarre Uproar - "Lily The Flesh" cassette. Moaning, screaming, spanking, pornstars, victims. This is an approach to Power Electronics that I never get tired of, and there is seemingly little artists that attempt it and only a smaller amount of those who do that can generate the same atmosphere and feel an unnatrual, taboo sensuality. And this is only half of what makes up the tape. Atop these moans and dialects a wave of sound is reacting to it. Feedback overlapping thinly textured electronic static which, at times, evokes feelings of Sutcliffe Jugend. When vocals are brought into the picture (from which artist, I do not know) such as on the final piece, "III: Power Violence (Abused)", there is more overwhelming feelings of nostalgia. A heavy accent reciting amusement at the prior abuse heard of the earlier tracks. Sexfactor never skips a beat, and like a virus it grows on you.

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