Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crown of Cerberus - Salome

Crown of Cerberus - Salome

Crown of Cerberus puts an emphasis on weaving lengthier tape loops together in a very original way that is hard to compare to anything else going on right now. Taking his source material from all over the place and putting them into sensory engaging motions that have no other choice but to degrade. Beautiful in the same way that death is, Mack referring to his music as "feminine" I see it as a deconstruction of feminine, softness into a quiet conflict, and that conflict into the serenity of resolution. Reflecting my own feelings on to this music I feel a tender perversity (not generally sexual, rather a provocative yet defiant perversity) that eludes most Noise or Power Electronics material.

Side A begins quietly and open, uncompressed sounds scattered about that slowly morph as a female sings, or rather moans, as she begins to become washed out by sharper layers of high-end echoing resonance. The flat yet agile eclipsing of sounds from one to the other makes this less dreamy, somewhat darker, than the other Crown of Cerberus releases to date. The range of sounds here sound organic and perfectly natural while the choice of loops enwrap a series of ideas in a poetic reversal and reaction. Flipping the tape over and the sounds of water appear, the track being called "Watching Her Majesty As She Waves Through A River of Her Enemies Blood" makes this idea clear and only lends itself to the darker feeling of this tape. The wet sounds become layered, one bouncing off the other while the tape hiss below helps these layered sounds not become overwhelming and boring. Like on side A these initial sounds slowly get taken over, put to the side by a sharper sound, almost metallic, until the track washes itself out ending this tape the way it began.

Every little element of this tape is assembled competently and the sounds are well composed, occasionally feeling almost orchestral sometimes making the sound throw the listener into a meditative state, the sounds trumping emotion. This type of Noise can become dull quickly but somehow Crown has not let this happen to his music and the aesthetic of his work is still growing, not pinned down just to one specific area and it never seems fabricated or made just for the sake of making something to release.

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