Monday, December 5, 2011

Interview - Anabolic Dimensions


[PURESTENCH : Introduce us to Anabolic Dimensions. Why did you start a label? What are your aims with this label? ]

Well, I've had the idea about starting a label for a while now. Anabolic Dimensions is my way of helping contribute to a scene that I enjoy hearing and seeing. Ever since I started going to noise shows my interest in the genre has seen no rest. I live in Chicago so the variety here is pretty dense and frequent. You get to see all aspects of the noise spectrum come through and it's great for the most part. I only have three releases as of now but my main goal is to release projects of artists/friends I enjoy personally and value and feel others should hear. I like to maintain a somewhat professional level with my releases when it come to the art, packaging and duplication etc. But the DIY ethic is very important overall and I feel it shows on all of my releases. The label also allows a way for me to release material of my own.

[PURESTENCH : Is Noise/Power Electronics going to be the main and only focus of Anabolic Dimensions or do you plan on releasing other genres of music? ]

I would say everything that I plan on releasing will have some sort of connection with the noise/industrial genre in some way or another. There are plenty of other labels and such for other types of music. My focus is mostly in the ever so arousing, extreme noise scene. 

[PURESTENCH : Are cassettes the best format for Noise/PE? Do you plan on releasing strictly tapes or do you think you will release some wax and CD's in the future? ]

I love the tape format. It's probably my favorite of all to be honest. I'm sure most of my releases will be on tape format but that's just because manufacturing them are just so much easier and more cost effective than vinyl. I might do some CD down the line if it's appropriate. I do have plans for an LP release in the near future but I don't want to divulge any information on that just yet. But it's comming and it will be grand. I think I'm saving vinyl releases for special instances.

[PURESTENCH : From what I know you were or are in a "Power Violence" band. Do you see any crossover between PV and Noise/Power Electronics?]

Yes I do. In a way that's how I became aware of the noise genre
early on. I grew up listening to a lot of grind, punk and hardcore. Early Man is the Bastard and Suppression are clear evidence of this crossover. Endless Blockade were another band that had combined the powerviolence and noise/PE together very well. I feel it's a very natural combination of sounds. I definitely incorporated noise with my own bands as well. It's just another dimension in the spectrum.

[PURESTENCH : You definitely "hit the ground running" with your first 2 releases; Abuse Patterns and Machismo. Both of these have violent, sexual overtones. Is this a main topic that AD will be touching on most future releases? ]

No, definitely not. That just depends on the artist and the project they are working on. I know that the topic at hand is definitely a focus for Abuse Patterns and Machismo but not for everyone. A few of the future releases I have planned have no violent sexual overtones in them at all. It's not something I'm restrictive about. Capturing multidimensional severity is what this label is all about.

[PURESTENCH : The Abuse Patterns packaging is phenomenal, the 16 page zine is very well done in both style and writing. The topic of how long abuse continues after the initial assault/contact/etc is a topic not really discussed often, although it seems to be the main reason why people who continue to abuse or "abuse themselves" (prostitutes) do what they do. However, there is only so much one can say. Is Abuse Patterns a "one off" project or do you anticipate more releases from this duo? ]

Abuse Patterns is definitely not a one off project. Abuse Patterns is actually working on new material for a couple new releases and also plans on playing out live very soon. Just like the abuse reproducing itself, Abuse Patterns will continue to thrive. Most likely for worse though in most people's eyes.

[PURESTENCH : Are you in any of the projects on your label? If so, who? ]

I do noise and vocals for Machismo and Abuse Patterns.

[PURESTENCH : Future plans from Anabolic Dimensions? ]

Yes, there are plans for future releases. If all goes as planned
I have tape releases on the way from Deterge, Urine Cop, Shattered Hymen, Hate Basement and more. I have one LP I'm going to be working on soon like I said but you'll know when that drops. Death, jail or unemployment are probably the things that will keep me from continuing Anabolic Dimensions as a label. That and heavy drug addiction. 

[PURESTENCH :  Any last words, comments, etc....]

Thanks for the interest Ryan. Very much appreciated. Thanks to all who read this. No Coast for life. Fuck the ones who lower their standards in order to achieve acceptance or benefits. You know who you are... Hi Ma.

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