Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Interview - Unclean

[PURESTENCH : First introduce yourself and give a brief history of the project. ]

Angry and frustrated male from Finland. I have done experimentation with noise (type of) music for 8 years now, mostly into home environment. Starting from recording various different sounds, editing them with computer software and assembling them together in chaotic order. This continued for very long time with no satisfactory results. Serious efforts with more knowledge have come into play in the past 2 years. I am also part of power electronics unit called Insular.

[PURESTENCH : What are your goals with Unclean? What do you want the listeners to take away from the work you do? ]

My aim is to make dirty noise/pe that satisfies my own ear/mind.

If someone else enjoys it as well, that is great. Whatever people want to get out of it; rape fantasies, violent states of mind, hatred towards fellow men, all is good to me.

[PURESTENCH : You have a tape titled "Obscenities" which will be coming out on the great Finnish label Filth & Violence sometime this year (?). How did you connect up with Pasi? Do you believe the aesthetics of F&V fit yours? ]

Tape will come out early 2012. How I hooked up with Pasi? He was the man offering me candy in the park... I have been buying records from him, then me and my friend (Insular kommando) arranged a noise night here in Kuopio (BU, Cloama, Grunt). A year later I recorded material and sent it to him, he was interested right away. Being a F&V fanatic, I was certainly very pleased about that. F&V aesthetics are very close to my own taste and one of the reasons why I think it is superior label. Proud to be part of it.

[PURESTENCH : From what I have heard of "Obscenities" you seem to use the usual Power Electronics gear; synths, processors, samples, etc. Is everything analog or do you use some digital equipment? Do you record everything live? Are there any overdubs or editing? ]

All analog and live. At least so far I have not done any overdubs, very minimal editing, if at all. I record everything straight to tape with an old cassette-radio, gives best results in terms of sound. On "Obscenities" there are no synths or mics used, only digital thing is sample source. Very minimal set; a delay and distortion pedals, more distortion and echo, plus samples. I like to keep things as simple as possible and create within the limitations they set me. It is a bit hard to explain, but I like to try to push as much as possible out of things to see how far they can go and what I can do with them. I think even this set I use now has so much more possibilities in terms of sound variety and decayed noise.

[PURESTENCH : I hear a Mauthausen Orchestra, Felony Sexual Assault vibe on "Deviants" - building chapters of filth and dirty mangled synth work. Who are some inspirations for your work, both musically and aesthetically?  ]

I agree on the Mauthausen Orchestra influence, but most important influence is the world today. With all its downsides. Drunks, perverts, junkies, all violence towards teenaged girls/them
dressing like prostitutes at age of 13, refugees and their totally corrupt lifestyles. And of course overpowering sexual drive is a big factor. The usual deal, for me it comes off natural that these things give me big impulses to create Unclean.

To see most fucked up middle aged woman drinking straight booze out of a bottle in the day light, face beaten to bruises all the way from neck to forehead and reeking of piss. "Grotesque mirth" indeed! It is a real inspiration. No deep philosophy, just lingering in the dirt that this society leaves behind.

As for musical influences; Black Leather Jesus, Bizarre Uproar, Coma Detox, Mauthausen Orchestra, Male Rape Group and especially old Ramleh. Love the old 80's sound, dirty, screeching, violent and obnoxious vocal work.

[PURESTENCH : What do you think will distinguish Unclean from the other acts that are currently out there? ]

Unclean material is worship of old 80's sound, creating an atmosphere of rotten layers of urban world. Not so fresh or new, but I am obsessed over the sound/themes. I've never had any conscious idea to make something totally new, I create what I would want to hear. Recording sessions often take unexpected turns.

[PURESTENCH : What does "Noise" and "Power Electronics" mean to you? What are some common misconceptions you hear often about the genre? ]

Noise and power electronics are an obsession. It becomes very physical, and just blows everything away, really. Fucked up day, sexual frustrations/obsessions, hatred in general. All these topics covered with fitting music, is there anything better? Years and years ago I used to listen to lots of musical styles, explore endlessly. Nowadays I listen to mostly noise/pe. A little bit of black metal and WP rock on the side. The list of misconceptions is endless. At least from people who don't listen to this type of music. Anyone can do it, why all the shocking images etc. It is pointless try to explain. All I can say is, it is an acquired taste!

[PURESTENCH : Top 3 favorite records or cassettes of all time? ]

I will limit this to noise/pe, even then it is impossible to answer but...

Whitehouse - Great White Death
Genocide Organ - Remember
Black Leather Jesus - Torture Machinist

[PURESTENCH : If you could hang out, drink a beer or two with 3 people either dead or alive, who would you choose? ]

Richard Ramirez AKA Night Stalker, Marquis de Sade and Philip Best. All certainly interesting personalities.

[PURESTENCH : Thanks for doing the interview, any final words? ]

Thanks for interests. Beware of Insular kommando attack!

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