Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chloroform Rapist - Chloroform Rapist

Chloroform Rapist - Chloroform Rapist

 An anonymous project on the label of Pekka PT of Sick Seed fame. Promised to be a hit with fans of Filth & Violence and TF/PE which, as everyone knows, I am a huge fan of both and I can definitely say this does not disappoint. Perhaps being a fan of these labels has biased me. I feel that I have no use for artists who have lost touch with tradition and sincerity and see the brutality of the modern world only second-hand. Choloform Rapist is far from original, but seeing the eccentricies and interpreting them is something that entertains me and that is what music of any genre is really all about when it comes down to it. Plus there is something intriguing about learning to see the world through the eyes of a pervert and I think that material like this, when it is sincere, gives one a better idea of the vile forms of life without judging them impartially. Human nature demands the satisfaction of vice and curiosity and for me these two things exist perfectly together in these genres.

Side A is minimal the Noise is happening and you hear it yet you're almost completely ignorant of the fact it is there because the malicious sounding vocals which are hard to make out because they exist on the same wave length as the sounds. Halfway through we are jolted with small slices and jabs of feedback that eventually become the main instrument. When all was said and done I felt as if this side of the cassette had left me with the same feeling that the first Snuff album did but it was condensed into just under 10 minutes. I believe it hit its target.

Side B has more "going on". More build up and more nuances. The crispy noise is interrupted by streams of thick rumbles that drag through seamlessly. Like the feedback on Side A this interruption soon becomes the center piece until our vocalist re-enters the picture. The voice is louder this time. Dominating, on top and in control a magnetism making it all come together; the rumbling, the crashing of junk and sheets of noise coexisting with vocals to form a few minutes of intense and pure Power Electronics intoxication.

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