Friday, July 15, 2011

Various Artists - Sonno Ferrum

Various Artists - Sonno Ferrum

I received (finally!) a furtive little tape featuring new comers and veterans all taking on junk abuse and trash art. All you get in order to understand this are the words "Sonno Ferrum" written on the side and a listing of who is on the tape in no order, no track-listing to tell you who is playing what, which track is theirs and if this was released by a label or just a private one off release. All the better I suppose and although I don't think it was the intention of the artists and the person who put this out but this cassette shows how different Noise/P.E. really is. We have probably all been asked how we can listen to this type of "music" and that everything "sounds the same". But it doesn't. You can really tell that there is a group of different individuals doing different tracks with very different outcomes. The only problem I have with this set-up is just in reviewing it because although I know the order of tracks on the A-side and pretty much added up the B-side from that information, I'm not a liberty to tell you who is doing what.

Creating extrinsic and subjective aurally challenging music which is not particularly straightforward nor easy to outline or expound upon is obviously not something that just anyone can embrace. It goes beyond simple sounds almost always and even steps over aesthetics on occasion. When you have decided to go "all out" than you've got to be extra careful to justify the acknowledgment and satisfaction which you're demanding of your audience. Individuality sticks out here by a group of good artists who are clearly not competing for listeners and who completely believe in and understand the sounds of Industrial and Noise music, a genre that sometimes flirts with pretentiousness and exhausted ideas, these artists remain clearly on the side of profundity and creative sincerity.

The first thing, sound wise, that needs to be addressed is that this cassette is dedicated to metal/junk abuse in its finest forms, dripping with progression while maintaining a beauty within its severity. An ambitious idea that works because of the people involved who can communicate their ideas without lyrics or pointing it all out for you. The textures are a lot more varied below the surface, the choice of frequencies and varied metallic objects works well with the hypnotic abuse thrust upon those objects, all of this working out to sound great. And to sound as good as it does I believe that this style must rely on the exact moment when it is happening without any need to contemplate whatever it is to come. Great Noise works like this - to lose the artist in his work at once and the listener cannot helped but being sucked in. A massive amount of different material is being aggressively used all over this tape - chains, nails, drums, most anything you can think of, rewarding your attention with sizable payoffs. Track 1 with its percussive writhing being of primary importance gets trampled by a speaker rattling (literally) track of smothering low-end bass crunch inflating the thick atmosphere with whipping metal work. The first track on Side B is my favorite, I actually have found myself unconsciously listening to these tracks in my head which has never happened with Noise. Other tracks exhibit high-end or mid range tones, some at a tortured pace while others run right through you. This is a great tape with plenty of variation and a great take on one of the best sides of Industrial music. Any fan of Noise and Power Electronics must own this and this will undoubtedly fall into the category of top 3 Noise/P.E. releases of the year for me.

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