Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interview - Taeter


[PURESTENCH : What was it that drove you to create Taeter? Why did you create a new project instead of record the material under Fecalove, if someone had not heard either project how do they differ? ]

I just wanted to focus on power electronics with some kind of "song" structure. Early Taeter is in debt with Nick/Silvum, who was originally supposed to release my first material (tracks that later became "Absolute Nothing") and encouraged me to record more stuff. 

Fecalove is more simple. I like to keep it basic and i think I'll use vocals less and less under that name. Also, Taeter has synth and bass..fuck, it's almost real music.

[PURESTENCH : Who are some of your major influences both musically and artistically? Teater to me sounds like The Sodality meets Whitehouse but with a filthy, darker and more twisted vibe.]

You're spot-on..both The Sodality and Whitehouse are big influences. Don't worry, i will not start to play bongos. Main inspirations are : Atrax Morgue, Intrinsic Action, Sutcliffe Jugend, Slogun, Deathpile, France Gall, Righeira.
As for art : Trevor Brown, Romain Slocombe, Magnus, Stu Mead, Suehiro Maruo..

[PURESTENCH : What do your lyrics deal with? What type of subject matter does Taeter touch upon? ]

As usual, everything comes from my cock. It is its view of the world fueled by personal experience and shrouded in fetid alcoholic fog.

[PURESTENCH : I can understand why you did the Sodality cover song but what made you want to do a Brainbombs track? It turned out really good, by the way. What gear did you use and how did you go about recording it? ]

I like that Brainbombs record (who doesn't?) and i like covers. It's fun ! I also did France Gall and Turbonegro. I planned to do an all-covers release but it didn't happen yet. For "Obey" i think i simply recorded rough junk metal noise with one or two distortions and then added vocals. It was ages ago so i don't remember well.

[PURESTENCH : Has Taeter played a live show yet? If so how was it and what can a fan expect from a Taeter live aktion event? ]

No, but i did play "Mouth" as Fecalove a couple of times. Nobody noticed of course. Someday maybe i'll perform as Taeter but there's nothing planned for now .

[PURESTENCH : Your art has been featured in zines, on a good number of cover art and websites. Out of all of your artwork which is your person favorite? ]

Cock swastikas. Girls sucking canine cocks.

[PURESTENCH : You are the co-founder of Turgid Animal if I am not mistaken? What is it that drove you to start a label and how is it working with George? ]

George and me used to trade years ago (2004?), then we came up with the idea of having a label. We happen to like pretty much the same kind of horrible noise so it was a natural process. Right now each works on his own, in secrecy and extreme boredom. We'll come back with some terrible collaboration tapes soon...

[PURESTENCH : What is up with you guys and the word Mutant? ]

Don't you like it ?

[PURESTENCH : I do, I was just wondering if there was something special about the word Mutant in the context of both you and George's material. What are some of your main Musical and artistic influences? ]

G.G. Allin, Serge Gainsbourg, Caligola. I'd throw a party for them. Enflatable swimming pools, martinis, half-naked girls and boys, nice music..

[PURESTENCH : Let me squash some rumors that I heard on Soulseek and through an e-mail - does the dick on the cover of "Parasite" belong to anyone that our readers and fans of Noise/PE in general may know? ]

It's my pathetic cock. All pictures on Taeter releases either feature me or they are taken by me. That particular picture was taken by Splinter Vs Stalin co-founder Marco during a drunken weekend in Berlin. Whose cock did you think it was ?

[PURESTENCH : What are the future plans for Mr. N. Vinciguerra in general? More Taeter ? Will you again be in the upcoming issue of Exoteric? I hope so because I was asked to do some art for it and it will be a honor to share a spot in an art Zine with you. ]

Definitely, but slowly, more Taeter : there will be a track on a Trash Ritual double tape compilation. I'm preparing new stuff as Fecalove (CDr on Crucial Blaze, some split tapes and vinyl) and Splinter Vs Stalin (a new tape and cd)  as well. Yes, i will be in the next Exoteric Zine issue, and i'm drawing a couple of short comics for italian zines. Also i'm messing around with oil painting.

[PURESTENCH : Thanks a lot for the interview. If you have anything to add please feel free to do so here... ]

Thanks for the interest.

Suck my cock.

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