Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Luciation - Occultious Inlightmentsasion

Luciation - Occultious Inlightmentsasion

With 4 albums released in just one year you would think that the band would start to turn stale. But they haven't. 4 albums in one year, for any band, is going to be a stretch. But Luciation keeps each new tome dramatic and fresh enough as to keep a steady sound and a steady fan base. Any type of music this intense and merciless chokes out criticism with it’s very existence. Try to reason with nihilism. Fuck you if you like it or not.

Luciation pulls off... ritualistic Blackened Death Metal, or Goat Metal, or Bestial, or War Metal, whatever you kids call it these days, these guys do it perfectly. Like they were raised to do just this. It's straightforward in its brutality and has a neanderthal element that bands like Von or Archgoat used to haunt. The core of the tape is a consistent pace of heavily distorted Guitars being picked at quickly creating a roar of quick fire power chords, almost always low enough note-wise to form a hollow and large sound while the cymbals and jackhammering snare rolls create a whirling din of hissing. Add the bass in the mixture and you get a heavy fucking bulldozer of sound. It's like an evil construction site in hell. Bestial Butcher 666, our vocalist, is like the boss who is screeching and gurgling out his nasty plans. With any good album the listener should be led to believe that they are there, in that atmosphere, in that devilish construction site, instead of their mothers spare bedroom. Put your headphones on and you're there. Most of these tracks follow a simple pattern, as laid out above, the exception is one short intermission shoved in between this 7 track binge of unholy atmospherics, titled "Loas Psychosis" which is a little bit reminiscent of Beherit's ambient experimentations without the queer electro-dance drums. The lack of variation is not really a downside. Maybe I have grown used to it, or maybe it is just because I am better than you, either way the repetition and seemingly small changes are welcoming rather than excruciating.

This material still hearkens back to those days of 2nd generation Archgoat and Von demos being passed around by friends, with the already grating production values stewing in an added bath of static. It works perfectly in their favor. Oh, and this is from Denmark and, as we have seen in the past few months, they can do no wrong.

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