Friday, October 29, 2010

Review 06 - Antipakt - Fuck Them Where They Breathe

Antipakt - Fuck Them Where They Breathe
If this is simply "average", pedestrian, whatever, it is only because I hyped it up in my own selfish head. Apparently this sold out quickly so maybe I am not the only one with such a pestering and boring musical life as to excite themselves unintentionally over a 7''. In all fairness, Filth & Violence has such a thoroughly good catalog that doesn't lend itself well as a gauge which to compare new projects, most will crumble under the weight, this did stand up to it so it is obviously doing something right and still wins out over half of the monotony which has passed through these ears since the beginning of the year.

Two untitled tracks. Our first peek into the world of Antipakt doesn't wait for you to join, it quickly harasses with a humid and claustrophobic looped rumble and screech. Vocals soon join in and the first thought that came to my head was to figure out who was in this project, but I can't really put a name to that voice. With lyrics like "Fist and cock" and "Flesh over spirit" I would assume that this may have sprang from Pasi's creative corpus in a way that he may have more to do with this than just releasing it on his label. But I can't be certain. The vocals are up front and dominating almost parallel to Snuff and the lyrics can be easily heard over the washing scrapes and crunch, a necessity for a duo with such a staunch opinion. The mic seems to be let down from the mouth every now and then and some feedback works itself out over the hypnotically repeating loop peppering the track with just enough movement without being overbearing. Flip it over and a deep throbs rattle speakers and bookshelves. The static transmissions rise from the bloodied ground and first impressions reveal a short stretch of fecund hostility, a myriad hate. Our vocalist seems to have changed and makes good use of delay which hints, rather quietly, towards some genuinely ominous scenes - look at the insert. A quickly non-dramatic, anti-climactic end releases the built up vigor and wraps this rough assault up nicely.

Although it is hard to tell much from 2 tracks Antipakt seem to be on the correct brick road. The thematic threads, although not original, emerge explicitly clear yet the sounds are still a bit too faint to trail. My foolish, unconscious "hyping" makes me wonder what else I've missed since falling out from under myself.

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